9 Sex Tips All Men Should Follow

9 Sex Tips For Men

1. Experiment with all erogenous zones. Very well, the breasts and the pubic area are obvious go-to hot zones but they get a lot hotter when stimulated simultaneously with other areas. Try kissing and gently stroking her neck, back, stomach and inner thighs. 2. Communicate with her. This doesn’t mean that you need to break into a dramatic running commentary while you get … Read More

The Key To Shopping For Plus Size Lingerie

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Online you will find that the world is at your feet and you can shop at your own leisure without the fuss you may encounter in a brick-and-mortar store. High street stores are now beginning to branch out with a better selection of sexy lingerie online, but if you want a better selection then check out some of the more niche sites for plus size lingerie in Ireland that offer a much better selection and a more discreet service. Read More.

Choosing Your First Dildo


Dildos are hugely popular as its shape, size and overall dimension match incredibly well with a guy’s penis. Recent usage has increased considerably thanks to the daring modern-day ladies who view it as an essential belonging. Thankfully in Ireland there are now several sites that sell dildos, vibrators and many more sex toys with a huge range of types, styles and designs to choose from. Read More.

Couples, Sex and Misconceptions


We all enjoy the pleasurable moments that come with sex but there are many of us which in some way feel that they have not experienced that “peek” sensation others talk about when it concerns sexual intercourse. Bear in mind that there are also many sexually active couples who lose their spark and experience similar downturns in enthusiasm in the … Read More

How Do I Find Time To Have Sex?

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“Sex life? What sex life?” I hear you claim. You’re a parent and life is so hectic that you hardly have time to think about your very own sexual requirements, let alone do anything to satisfy them. It can appear like your own needs do not matter, it’s the children that have top priority and you have to do whatever … Read More

Boost Your Sex Drive With Herbal Remedies

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There are many reasons why people experience low libido including hormonal imbalance, mental illness, dietary deficiencies, fatigue, endocrine disorders as well as several other factors. Having a healthy and balanced sex drive is an organic part of a human’s makeup. It’s perfectly normal and perfectly natural. If you’re experiencing low libido it’s important to examine the cause with your doctor. The … Read More

Is Sex Really Good For You?

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We often hear the phrase banded around that “sex is healthy”, but is it really? (Let’s assume that you’re practicing safe sex, first of all.) Will having sex X times a week actually do me any good? Let’s delve into some facts. Over time, it has been proven that sexual frustration in general is not entirely a mental thing. Numerous … Read More