9 Sex Tips For Men

9 Sex Tips All Men Should Follow

1. Experiment with all erogenous zones. Very well, the breasts and the pubic area are obvious go-to hot zones but they get a lot hotter when stimulated simultaneously with other areas. Try kissing and gently stroking her neck, back, stomach and inner thighs.

2. Communicate with her. This doesn’t mean that you need to break into a dramatic running commentary while you get down to business, but breaking the silence or, indeed, moaning every now and again with some arousing words can help mix things up a bit. Now and again you should mention why you love doing what you are doing to her or ask her what she wants you to do next.

3. Slow and steady wins the race. For women, good sex doesn’t just happen out of the blue. These things take time because women are more ’emotional’ lovers. Setting aside 10 to 15 minutes prior to sex cuddling, kissing and holding your partner will be much more successful at getting her turned on than running into frustration because you’ve spent five minutes touching an unresponsive clitoris.

4. However, both of you should finish said race! As previously mentioned, it takes time for women to reach orgasm. Men however, are much quicker. So if you reach orgasm first, no matter how exhausted you may be, you are responsible for helping her over the finish line. Your best tactic? Go south with your mouth. This leads us onto our next point.

5. Give her oral sex. Your partner can tell when you flinch or seem hesitant about going down on her. Fair enough, it might not be your favourite thing to do, but it’s the best way for most women to reach orgasm, so it’s worth your while learning to enjoy it. Hey, love is a two-way street, right?

6. Be well groomed. You might be more inclined to indulge your lover in some oral action when you know she’s just washed. The same can be applied to you. Women are much, much more turned on by a well groomed man. Make sure you’ve showered, shaven, brushed your teeth and smell good!

7. Compliment her on her looks. Make sure you mean it, though. In general, women don’t love parading around naked. For most women, the very second their clothes come off they will begin to feel vulnerable and sensitive. When she undresses, tell her how much you are turned on by her body.

8. It’s the little things that count. Take note of certain tricks that can make your sexual encounters go much more swimmingly. A great idea would be to simply slide a pillow under her bottom while you enter her. This will bring her clitoris and g-spot into better contact with you.

9. You don’t need to deep thrust. Why? Well, according to evidence, the outer third of the vagina is the most sensitive, so deep thrusting is not the be all and end all – at least not for her anyway! A much better course of action would be to try ‘dipping’ your member in and out of her vagina.