Choosing Your First Dildo

Women have always been reliant on men to experience sexual pleasure. Many women complain of getting orgasms rather infrequently, and some can only dream of having one. Though several factors are at play here, the problem itself has not gone away. This is where the dildo comes in. Not only has it solved the anguishes of many females, it has likewise boosted the sex life of many couples. Recent usage has increased considerably thanks to the daring modern-day ladies who view it as an essential belonging.

Dildos are hugely popular as its shape, size and overall dimension match incredibly well with a guy’s penis. It is intended for vaginal and anal penetration. It could be used by a woman alone during masturbation or during sexual intercourse with a male partner. Before using this kind of sex toy, you need to ask yourself some questions.

Do you really like this or not? Some women prefer something in their vagina when they are aroused; others do not enjoy this at all. The shape, size and material of dildo are also important things to consider. Before you purchase a dildo, try using a candle covered with a condom to see what size you prefer. A woman who has been in the habit of using a dildo may find her first intercourse less stressful as she will know what to expect physically. When using a dildo, your vagina must be wet. A water-based lubricant would be ideal for this situation. Oil-based lubricants tend to cause vaginal infection, so stay away from these. It can also affect the material of your dildo if it is made of rubber.

Thankfully in Ireland there are now several sites that sell dildos, vibrators and many more sex toys with a huge range of types, styles and designs to choose from. These sites also tend to ensure 100% discreet delivery and a hassle-free service. Whatever sex toy you decide to go for, consider acquiring a dildo as they can be surprisingly exciting and can give you great orgasms!